by ejcon

About Conference

TOBB University of Economics and Technology and Efil Journal of Economic Research are delighted to announce their first annual “Conference of Economics and Society”. The Conference will take place from 06th and 07th December 2023 on the TOBB University of Economics and Technology. The aim of this Conference is to bring together experts from different organizations and institutions in Turkiye to exchange the latest contributions related to Turkish and the world economy. The Conference encourages academics, researchers, managers, industrialists, and grad students as well to present their recent researches. The official language of the Conference is both English and Turkish. We are extremely excited to discuss the latest developments in the world and Turkish economy with different theoretical and empirical approaches, and various academic perspective, as well as conduct an event which bring together all the economists in Turkiye and the world working on Turkish Economy in particular.

Conference Topics

  • Economic Growth and Development

    • Macroeconomic Policies
    • Turkish Economy and Macroeconomic Balance
    • Crises and Economic Growth
    • Development Policies, Once Again
  • Monetary Policy and Financial System

    • Inflation in Turkey
    • Inflation and Monetary Policy
    • Heterodox Monetary Policies
    • 21th Century Central Banking
    • International Monetary System
    • Global Debt Challenge
  • Employment

    • Recent Developments of Labor Market
    • Migration and Migration Policies
    • Refugees and Foreign Labor Employment
  • Public Economics and Social Policy

    • Urbanization
    • Gender
    • Local Goverments and Social State
    • Income Distribution and Poverty
    • Innovation Policies
  • Microeconomics and Its Implementations

    • Firm and Sector Studies
    • Production
    • Efficiency, Technoology and Innovation
    • Health Economics
    • Economics of Elder Care
  • Alternative Approachs to Economics

    • Behavioral Economics
    • Experimental Economics
    • Neuroeconomics
    • Institutional Economics
    • Pluralism in Economics
    • Political Economics
    • Methodology of Economics
  • Agriculture, Climate and Energy Policies, and International Economic Relations

    • Sustainability and Growth Strategies
    • Agricultural Sector ve Food Security
    • Energy and Energy Supply Security
    • Defense Industry, Military Spending and Technological Developments
    • The Relations between European Union and Turkey